"Helping Veterinarians Meet Client & Patient Needs."

Mobile Veterinary Assistance, LLC


Services available to veterinarians:

- Available to provide assistance when permanent support staff is unavailable and/or during search for permanent staff.  

- For veterinarians that do not employ permanent assistants or require extra help, available to provide support as needed. 

- Available to see clients and pets for follow up monitoring as necessary (e.g. blood pressure monitoring, treatment assistance, etc.). 

Services available to clients and their pet*: 

- Nail trims

- Blood pressure monitoring

- Pet dip treatments (e.g. for ringworm, demodex, etc.)

- Blood glucose curves

- Anal gland expression

- General treatment assistance

- Assistance with livestock

- Etc.

*Some services require veterinarian's referral.

Upper images: Performing and capturing images of laboratory diagnostics. Left image shows hookworm ova from a fecal. Right image (just below and left of center) shows a single demodex from a canine skin scrape.

Lower images: Assisting a client with a lime sulfur dip treatment, as directed by her kitten's veterinarian, after ringworm diagnosis.